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Company History

Opened in 1984 for the first time as a full-time business, Figgins Trees & Turf started out as a planting and lawn installation company run out of a garage and a few pickup trucks. The majority of business was done in Oswego and in a few surrounding communities and had been done there for twenty years prior on a part-time basis. When first opened in 1984 by current owner Bill Figgins, the company only had a few full-time workers and a few part-time workers. The initial funding of the business came from Bill and has continued to grow under his support, both financially and managerially. In 1986 Carl Figgins graduated from college and joined the company in another managerial position. His major duties included landscape designs and making sure the work got done to the customer’s standards. Throughout this time, the company moved from location to location while renting space from local businessmen to run the company out of. Eventually, in 1992 Figgins Trees & Turf moved into their current location in the Stonehill Industrial Park and have grown from there. Since that time, the company has expanded its services to include hardscaping, water features, landscape maintenance and a variety of other landscaping services. In 2013, we added our third generation to the business when Carl’s son, Steve, entered the company after graduating from college. All three generations look forward to moving ahead and continuing to service the greater Oswegoland area.

Service Areas Include

•St. Charles

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